• "This was a lovely experience, Pinal is a great teacher and a warm, sincere and very skilled artisan, I enjoyed her workshop immensely!"                                                     -BELCO ARTS CANBERRA


  • "This course had a great format (fortnightly Sundays for a long session) and the presenter was knowledgeable and personable."                                                                           -BELCO ARTS CANBERRA


  • "A lovely productive workshop. I came away with knowledge and skills that I will definitely use in my textile work."                                                                                         - CANBERRA ENVOIRNMENT CENTER


  • "I found the coordinator and the presenter both excellent. It was informal but structured to give the best results".                                                                               -CANBERRA ENVOIRNMENT CENTER


  • "It was an absolutely fabulous workshop. The host was very knowledgeable and happy to share her art and passion with us.  My scarf turned out beautifully with the sorrel turning scarlet red after steaming but then green and blue after the vinegar wash".                                                      - CANBERRA ENVOIRNMENT CENTER


  • "Pinal was a wealth of information and Chrissy a most warm, welcoming and organised coordinator. With thanks for a beaut afternoon".                              -CANBERRA ENVOIRNMENT CENTER