A catalog of Native North American Dye Plants : Alcea Rosea “Nigra”


Common name:  Hollyhock

Hollyhock belong to the hibiscus family. They are perhaps the definitive old-fashioned garden plant. Flowering from late spring through summer. The come in a variety of colors. Although biennial, allow seeds to fall and the clump will persist for many years.

They are native to Asia and Europe. Hollyhock are introduced to north America. The single species of hollyhock from the Americas, the streambank wild hollyhock, belongs to a different genus. Hollyhock are popular ornamental plants. The stems of hollyhocks can be used as firewood, and the roots have been used medicinally.

Hollyhocks, especially the black flowered ones (Nigra), have been used for dyes for silk, cotton and leather, and in the 19th century in Germany they were primarily used to color wines, and eventually to color fabrics. By 1870, Turkey was the major source of the commercial fabric dyes from these plants.


Ref: http://wooltribulations.blogspot.com/2013/08/a-trial-of-hollyhock-petal-dye.html


Dye Colors: Yellow

Dye source








120 mins prior to adding textiles




Heat at a lower temperature

120 mins prior to adding textiles

Mint green