Eco-printed, Shibori dyed Silk Scarf Old scroll

Eco-printed, Shibori dyed Silk Scarf Old scroll

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Each idyll ink Scarf is one of a kind.  

Perfect for everyday wear, this silk scarf as been eco printed using eucalyptus,Madder root and then Shibori dyed in an Indigo dye bath to create a stunning luxury scarf that reminds you of an old scroll with its subtle aged colors and patterns, made just for you.

The subtle yellows and madder reds with a hint indigo blue  will go with just about every outfit, while creating a sophisticated look to your ensemble.

  • This scarf measures 8"x 54"
  • Organic /Natural Material used: Eucalyptus, Madder and Indigo

Eco printing scarves is a time-honored tradition in which high quality undyed habotai silk is tightly bound with natural materials to create a striking imprint. The dyes are released only after the tightly bundled silk is expertly steamed, or boiled, for hours. Once this process is complete, the fabric is unbound, the plant mater removed, and the silk wrap cures for one week. Each of these scarves are then rinsed and ironed to ensure the designs remain in place but due to the handcrafted nature of this process, no two shawls will ever be the same.